What are the pro and cons of buying YouTube likes

Are you looking to buy YouTube likes? Do you want to figure out that is it fit for your videos and YouTube channel. Today, we will talk about the pros and cons of buying likes for YouTube videos. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of purchased likes that make your buying process easier.

The Pros

Get a Head-start: When you buy likes then you can get a head start with thousands of videos likes. Try to buy video views too to get more eyeballs on your content. Moreover, a number of views and likes on your videos compel the people to check out your videos.

Attract More Views: When your videos have more likes then people tend to watch this video. A video with more likes entices the audience to view the video because people prejudice it as a worth-watching video that helps you to garner more views.

Strengthen Social Proof: Social proof is a measure of your popularity online. Purchased likes will improve your social proof and make your channel more authentic in your niche that means users will be likely to watch your videos and trust you.

More Effective Marketing: Since videos with more likes and views are likely to be watched that help you to run a more effective marketing campaign.

Better Search Rankings: The more video likes you have, it will attract people to watch your video that in turns give you more video views. The more views and video likes will get your video higher search ranking. It will result in more users watching your videos will improve your ranking even more for relevant searches.

More Video Suggestions: When you buy YouTube likes, your videos get more views that help you to rank higher on search engine results pages, they will make your video to be suggested in the recommendation bar. A lot of people tend to watch videos when they see videos in their suggestions.

Become An Authority: A ton of YouTube likes make you credible source of information in your niche and give the impression that you know a lot of thing about it what you are talking about. Moreover, more likes to show that your opinion is respected by your audience.

Make More Money: When you buy YouTube likes, you will get numerous benefits that end up making a lot of money every month. No matter how much you make money online, it helps you to improve your credibility and driving more audience to your sales pages.


Unnatural Results: In most cases, buying likes won’t look organic because you get them at once. When you buy only likes, it looks weird that a video has a number of likes but have no comments, subscribers and more views. Try to buy them too to fix this problem.

No Ad Revenue: The purchased likes will not improve your ad revenue directly. They will increase your social proof that in results give you more organic video views.