Top Trending News in April 2019

April is the month that starts reflecting summers and the dreams of warming temperatures and outdoor living. It is the month when people start planning for summer moments. April brings with it lots of events that make their way to become top trending news and find themselves in the headlines of all newspapers and news channels as well as take the social media by storm.

Top Trending News from Around the World

Like all other Aprils that have passed by, April 2019 has been a month of a lot of intriguing events that have become trending news topics around the globe and captured the attention of millions of people. The ones that have been the most captivated ones and have had a major impact have been listed down.

  1. Brunei hotels withdraw from social media during anti-LGBT law backlash.

Amidst all the backlash that is going over the anti-LGBT laws, Brunei-owned luxury hotels have made their social media accounts inaccessible as they have introduced some very strict Islamic laws. This has led to many influential celebrities such as George Clooney and the general public calling out for the boycott of Brunei-owned luxury hotels.

  1. An 8-year boy found all set to travel the world after leaving his house.

An eight-year boy from Astrakhan city located in Russia has gained a lot of fame on social media platforms after it was found that he was all set to leave on a world tour all by himself. The boy’s mother reached out to the local police after finding a note that said that the little boy had left to “travel the world.” Ever since people from all around the world have been really interested in the young child’s unique plan.

  1. Brexit nowhere near, but the UK issues passports without European Union label.

It is quite shocking for many across the world to see that the UK passports that have been issued from March 30 do not have the ‘European Union’ label on the top. The new passport just has ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ mentioned on it. This abrupt change when the decision on Brexit has not been finalized has surprised all the members of the European Union.

  1. Nasa all set to resume cooperation with ISRO after the guidance provided by White House.

The issue of space debris has proved to be a very serious one for the United States and other countries that are currently operating in space. Due to being pressurized by the White House, NASA has decided to resume its cooperation with ISRO. This is a reversal of the recent decision of suspension against Indian agency after it caused major orbital debris.

  1. Amazon founder’s wife has reached the biggest divorce deal the world has ever witnessed.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, has finalized the biggest divorce settlement that the world has ever seen. MacKenzie has agreed to let her husband have 75% of their stock in the tech giant and agreed to have nearly $36 billion shares for herself.