Top 4 iOS Emulator for Android to Use Apple Apps on Your Android

Android is the best platform because you can customize it. But most of the people are die-hard admirers of iOS because there are a lot of good apps and games that are not available on Android. Then iOS emulator comes into play that gives you the taste of the iOS apps on your Android smartphones. You can install these emulators using third-party APK files and enjoy all iOS applications. The other name of the iOS emulator is an iPhone emulator or Apple emulator. This emulator is just like Bluestacks 3 help you to run Android apps on your window phone and these emulators can use to run iOS games and apps on Android. There are different iOS emulators for Android but here we will discuss these emulators that are open source and available for free of cost.

4 IOS Emulator for Android to run Apple Apps & Games on Android


CIDER APK is considered as the first choice when it comes to choosing iOS emulators. It is also known as Cycada APK. The 512Mb is required for the installation of this iOS emulator. The less storage will slow down your smartphone. It works best with the 1GB storage. You can install this iOS emulator through unknown resources because it is not available on the Google Play Store.

iEMU Apk

If you categorize the iOS emulators in top numbering then iEMU APK lie on number two position. You can use it free of cost like CIDER APK. All you need to download third party APK file and install this software. Now you can open and start to run iEMU APK on your Android smartphone after the installation completed.

Appetize IO

Appetize IO has both function i.e emulator and simulator. Using this Appetize IO, you can use plenty of apps and games from the iOS platform at a particular time. If you are going to use Appetize IO, all you need to open the browser first and search its name. You can find the iPhone image on its home page then click on the options tap to play. Now you can enjoy the iOS emulator for Android on your phone.

All in one iOS emulator

The All in one iOS emulator also helps you to run your favorite apps on your Android phone like other iOS emulators. But this is not like the top iOS emulator like iEMU APK and CIDER APK. But it also allows you to taste iOS games and apps on Android phone. It has some extraordinary feature than another iOS emulator such as SIRI built-in feature. It is the same feature which makes the Apple phone most expensive than other smartphones. This emulator will give you a smooth experience due to its good features.


We hope this article on iOS emulator for Android will help you pick the best iOS emulators that give you feel of iPhone on your Android device. Leave a comment and share your experience with these iOS emulators with us.