Run Apple IOS Apps on Android Using IOS Emulators for Android

Most of the people like iOS application but you can run these apps on Apple devices as some games and application are not available on Android. But the iOS emulator for Android can solve your problem as you can run Apple iOS application on Android using these iOS emulators. Some games or application launch on iOS and it take some time to come on android then these emulator enables to play your favorite game on your android device. Moreover, most of the people can’t purchase the iOS devices including iPad and iPhone then these iOS emulators give you a smooth experience. But there are some restrictions when you run iOS applications on an Android device. Here. We will talk about some best and most used iOS emulators that you can use for your android device to run iOS apps and games. Let’s dig into it!

Best IOS Emulators for Android

iEMU iOS Emulator

iEMU is the first choice of most of the people when it comes to run iOS applications on an Android device. This iOS emulator lets you run the iOS application on your android device. This application enables you to enjoy iOS games and apps on your android phone. These iOS emulators need loads of space for storage for installation. But they don’t need additional resources to play the iOS games or applications. But some games don’t work well using an iOS emulator.

CIDER iOS Emulator

This iOS emulator is made by the students of Columbia University and it is considered as one of the best iOS emulators for Android. It gives you a well-performed platform to run the applications of iOS on your Android device. This is quite similar to iEMU and it has an APK file too. You can run all games and applications of iOS on the Android device with ease. It is simple to download and install it, then you can enjoy the iOS app and games.

Appetize iOS Emulator

In our list, Appetize iOS emulator comes on number three that is browser-based iOS emulator. You can run this emulator on Android and other devices too. It basically functions with HTML 5 and JavaScript that works well online and you will experience no glitches. If you want to run a couple of iOS apps on your Android device then this is the best emulator choice for you among others. You can run it on your device with ease because it hasn’t third-party APK files.


We hope the above iOS emulators for Android will give you smooth experience as these emulators provide the good virtual iOS environment on your device. What do you think the above-mentioned iOS emulators match with your needs or you will borrow iPhone from your friend to test these games and apps. However, it is safest but you will never regret when trying out our picks. Leave a comment and let us know in the comment section. We love to hear from you.