Instagram Stories Now Got Quiz Stickers

Almost all the social media apps are updating themselves according to the users’ demands, and what features could make the app more user-friendly. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. keep coming up with something novel in order to enhance the interest of the users in the app. Whenever any app introduces any new feature, people get excited about it, and start using that app more than before. The app also expects that from its users. Particularly when a feature makes the app more fun to use and make it more interesting, people automatically get attracted to the app.

All of us have observed many changes in different social apps since the time we started using them. Some features were great to use than others. Some options made the app convenient for usage and beneficial too. Hence, overall, all these changes were quite significant to be made.

Instagram and its new feature:

It was found out back in the month of February during testing, that the Instagram will soon launch something exciting. It has now been exposed that the app is officially coming up with the new Quiz stickers this week.

This new feature in the Instagram stories is quite interactive and enables the users to ask others the multiple choice questions. In this way, people get to know each other more and better..

Also, asking such questions is an easy and interesting way to engage with the people who like you or your fans. You can express your creativity in different ways. You get an opportunity to check how much your ig followers know about you.

Benefits of the new option in Instagram:

Coming up with the Stories feature and now this Quiz sticker within the story is quite an interesting method of engagement. It is fun on both sides, asking different questions and receiving responses, and also giving replies to the questions. Prompt replies are received. Similar choices can be found on other tools, but with the rising popularity of the Stories option, the new feature of Quiz sticker can be very advantageous. Different businesses and brands are always looking for ways in order to enhance the engagement. The Quiz sticker will benefit them in many ways.

Poll stickers are already on Instagram. They were launched in the year 2017. The quiz sticker option is quite similar to them but it adds more of a fun and a competitive factor to the users. Getting a correct answer gives a sense of achievement to the users.

In this way, people are given a chance to share the insights regarding how their company works, what methods are used, and things like that. People find a way to give their opinions and feedback. There are a lot of ways how this feature can be beneficial to the people who use it.

Thus, in today’s time, the new features of the social apps have made the communication and interaction more fun and easy, along with providing huge benefits to the brands and businesses.