Difference between a condo and apartment for family living

Introduction: Whenever people shifted from one city to another they start seeking for apartments and condos according to the standard of their living. In such circumstances some people suggest them apartments while other are in favour of condos. Here we will discuss what basically these things are and what are those features of the Florence Residences price which make them different from one another.

Letrall definitions: A condo is basically a small part of housing community which has been owned by one person and will be different from other parts i.e. condos of the community in structure and management. It is according to the choice of individual owner.


Apartment is the part of multi family community which is alike with other parts of the community and it is owned by any professional company along with whole building. It is not according with the choice of one person.


Key differences: Regarding condos and apartments differences we have tow types of differences; negative difference and positive differences.

Positive differences: By positive differences we mean to write those differences which make the apartment more preferable than condos. Here are some;

  • Apartment are multi community housing but all are same while condos are also multi community but different from each other according to the choice of owner.
  • Apartment is owned by any professional company while condo is owmed by individual person i.e. landlord.
  • Designs of all apartments are same but not in the case of condo like structure amneties decorations etc.
  • Considering the option of maintenance the apartment has 24 hrs facility of maintained if any time defect occur in water system electricity then company is responsible to construct the defect but in case of condos whether you would construct it by yourself or in case od construction by owner then it will be his will when he repaired it.
  • The individual owner can sale the property to any other person who didn’t want to give it on rent then you have to take your family anywhere else without your willingness while in case of apartments it can never be sold or buy as a whole building is under one company not only one apartment like condo.
  • Apartments are more organized than condos because it is under the control of professional company.

Negative differences: Bu negative differences basically we mean to discuss those features which make condos more preferable:

  • Condos are suitable for single family who didn’t want to concern with other parts od community for any thing.
  • The manager of the condos have more effective voice in community due to resident of the same community while the manager of apartments have not so.
  • You can buy condo but you can’t but apartments
  • You can change any sitting build rooms and windows of your own choice in condos but cant do so in apartments
  • You can have condo in any beautiful building with a lot of facilities and attractive designs.


Basically, both are good in their own features. The differences only provide options for the people whether to go for apartments or condos according to their standard of living.