Best times to post on Instagram for maximum reach

best time to post on instagram

Social media has made it much easier to connect with millions of people. Instagram is one of the most salient places to build up your social presence. Across the globe more than 1 billion people use Instagram, and half of the users check in every day. If you are a travel influencer and wants to get paid for posting your beautiful shots on Instagram for maximum likes. You don’t have to use your account 24/7 for a maximum reach, you can schedule your time to reach your audience. So, It is very important to know when to make a resonate presence on Instagram for maximum likes.

Understand Instagram’s algorithm

The foundation of a successful presence on Instagram is knowing the best time to post on Instagram. While taking into consideration the best time to post on Instagram you should understand the Instagram algorithm. You should have a clear understanding of how the algorithm will affect what people will see. Focus on the recency, all you have to do is to make sure that your posts are recent. This way you will learn how to present the appropriate content to your followers at the right time. Buy Instagram followers to maximum reach in targeted market with content.The Instagram algorithm will surely evaluate the engagement of followers and will help you reach all the audience segments.

Post according to the Time zones

If you are catering the audience of east coast make sure to consider the time zones. It’s very important to think about the time zones of the people. If you have a wider audience in different zones build a strong connection with your followers. You have to do double duty. This means that in some zones your post will act as a wake-up post in some zones and in some zones as a mid-afternoon post. So, post according to the top time zones and see when most of the followers are online.

Use Instagram insights data

You will able to see your Instagram activity of the past week on the insight page. It will show how much posts you have made and, how many followers you have gained. If you will scroll further you will see the graphs which will provide you with information on the follower activity. This way you will have a clear understanding of the content which resonates with your audience. Furthermore, it will provide you information at which times your audience is the most active on Instagram. Then you will be able to reach maximum followers through different posting strategies.


Most important of all you should post on Instagram during the off-working hours. Best times to post is from 11 am to 1 pm during lunchtime and evenings 7-9 pm. But for more engagement by the followers, you have to post on the weekends. Only during the weekend, people have enough time to read the captions of your posts and give you maximum likes and a follow back. You will get a more engaged, passionate audience to share your posts further, this way more user activity will get you maximum reach in return.